#Fall has come to #Denmark and here’s my #outfit for the day. #drawing #doodle #sketch #girlsinanimation

A little progress drawing.


pentagrams-n-panties asked:

I was wondering if you would maybe let me use your drawings as reference for my own. I'm working on getting better with drawing, and your drawings are amazing. I really hope I'm not bothering you with this. Your drawings are beautiful and I feel I would grow a lot with using your drawings!


Of cause… Getting inspired by other peoples work is important and very giving. I look at other artists all the time.
Copying is also a way to get better, but it will only get you so fare. It’s mainly for yourself and if you post it remember to credit ;)

Another morning #doodle #Jasmin #aladdin #disney #girlsinanimation #fanart #sketch #princess

Back to work Morning doodle. 

#inktober #doodle. Have a nice #Sunday! #sketch #drawing #girlsinanimation


fifteenminutesareover asked:

HI! I follow you on instagram and your blog, and you are absolutely wonderful. I've tried out your tutorials and they are so helpful! What brushes do you normally use on photoshop when you start to color? Your work is also so crisp and clean :)


Hi :)
Thank you :) I’m glad that the tutorials are helpful - promise to more soon!
When colouring I just use the normal round brush which comes with Photoshop - 100% opacity and size adjustable with pen pressure…

Hope it helped ;)


Anonymous asked:

Hey Pernilleoe! I love your work, your art is so great! Did you do a artbook ? Have you plan to come to any event near Belgium or France?


Thank you :)
No I haven’t, but thinking about it and have begun the research of printing one… :)
Right now it looks like I might come to Annecy next year for the Animation Festival, but I’ll let you know when it’s for sure :)


papabadger75 asked:

I love your work , makes me want to draw every time I see it


Thank you so much! That’s great and an amazing compliment :) Glad I can bring some inspiration ;)

Quick #doodle. #sketch #drawing #girlsinanimation

And today’s #inktober number 2… Nice light doodling on my vacation :)

I have another #illustration in #Euroman this month. #drawing #magazine #sketch #octoberfest #girlsinanimation

Thank you @wacom, @isaacorloff and @sketch_dailies for a great hangout. It was so much fun having a draw off with @mingjuechen @patrickballesteros. Such great, talented artists. Here’s my contribution to today’s #sketch_dailies topic #babyme #girlsinanimation

I will be doing a live Google hangout with @sketch_dailies and @wacom tonight at 11am PDT. I’ll be sketching alongside @mingjuechen, @patrickballesteros and @isaacorloff (the creator of #sketch_dailies) will be talking about the whole concept of sketch dailies. Please come and join us at: http://bit.ly/1sDJBA5 For more info, go to Wacom’s Facebook page.